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Aras Power Technologies was established with the premise of providing leading edge power delivery solutions for the challenging power requirements evolving in today's marketplace. Aras offers conventional, off the shelf, AC/DC and DC/DC solutions, as well as custom power supply design and manufacturing. We have a keen R&D sense and enjoy working on the cutting edge of technology. Standard and custom Voltage Regulator Modules (VRM) with very small form factors, and aggressive digital technologies are also a key part of our product offering.

The power supply technology roadmap has been changing dramatically over the last few years. Intel, IBM , Motorola and others are charging down a challenging power technology path with their advanced processors; encompassing faster speeds and larger densities and subsequently allowing other technology leaders such as DDR memory, super I/O, and peripherals to look for similar power requirements to keep up the pace.

In addition to the power challenge, today's systems also need to be smaller, more portable, and, in some cases, full featured. One of the largest components in today's systems is the "silver box" or power supply. Power is the most important element of any system and yet can get overlooked at the early stages of design. The first objective of Aras is to work with our customers at the conceptual stages of design and recommend a cost effective end-to-end solution that begins with the "silver box" and ends with full power delivery to all board level components.

Power supplies are known to supply power to systems, however, a power supply also has to work to keep unacceptable levels of RF and EMF emissions from escaping the power loop through various outputs and connections. A power supply can also be a source of EMI in a system, causing potential damage and resulting in data errors or losses in extreme cases. Our second objective is to provide the most robust and noise free power solutions in the marketplace.

Efficiency poses problems in the present structure of multi-output (6+) power supplies, historically showing no greater than 70% for the system. This power loss of at least 30% equates to a loss of money, especially in high-end systems. A good example of this is that any system requiring more than 3000 Watts of power would lose almost 1000W, causing a large monetary loss and huge thermal issues. Aras is entering the marketplace with a firm objective of working to revolutionize the efficiency for multi-output systems and work with our customers on key projects that require a system to have at least 85% efficiency.

Aras designers have found several ways of surmounting efficiency issues, as described above. One such solution is moving to two and three stage DC/DC solutions by utilizing a one or two output AC/DC power supply on the front end and utilizing separate DC/DC POL (Point of Load) modules. This POL is located close to, or right next to, the components needing power such as processors, memory, communications devices, peripherals, etc. Aras is always updating its full line of POL modules with advanced small form factor technology to lead the way in the efficiency race.

Our final objective is to be a total solution provider of power products and empower our customers with a full line of high-end, high-density AC/DC and DC/DC products. Aras Power Technologies is working diligently to establish a market presence with a goal of being a progressive and forward thinking major power supply designer and manufacturer with a full range of products.

Aras Power Technologies is a design, sales and marketing company. We specialize in offering the most cost competitive and quality oriented products. We have domestic (US) testing and short run capabilities, as well as extensive design support and resources. Aras has a full manufacturers representative and distributor network that has been in place since the end of 2002. Please contact us for more information.